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To the outdoorsman and woman of Massachusetts especially members of all county leagues. I have just been made aware that the Senate has made a recommendation to appropriate over $ 2000,000.00 over the existing budget request for the Division of Fish & Wildlife, a remarkable and favorable gesture. These funds would help increase efforts in land and wildlife management and habitat, upgrade hunters education and provide for more stewards of over 150,000 acres of recently acquired lands. These funds are monies that we have accumulated ( over $ 18,000.000 ) by taxes on our purchases of all outdoor and sport related items. These funds requested do not come out of the Mass. general fund,I repeat these ARE NOT STATE TAX PAYER DOLLARS. This is our money to be used for fish&wildlife programs. It's up to our legislators to disburse these funds. As I write this memo there is a House Conference Committee deciding wether or not to disperse these funds. this committee is being chaired by Rep. Brian Dempsey. I  NEED YOU TO CALL YOURE STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND ASK HIM IN YOUR BEHALF, WHETHER SPEAKING FOR YOURSELF  OR YOUR ORGANIZATION TO SUPPORT THIS TRANSFER OF FUNDS. THIS PHONE CALL IS NECESSARY NOW, AND i DO MEAN " NOW " THEY ARE DISCUSSING THIS"NOW " THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. We in the Plymouth County League have over 15000 members, other leagues are doing the same so we need to do our share. As President of this league I URGE YOU TO CALL YOUR REP'S.                                                                                                  John Fabroski

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